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playing live at
Alton Agricultural Show,
Alton, Hampshire
6th June 2008

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Jethro Tool (looking particulary sexy in those baggy brown trousers) chats to someone with a bigger 'oss than him
Hedge Cutter summoned from beyond the grave by the arrival of the ice cream van

thanks to Seth Pitt for the photographs

Alton Agricultural Show 2008

Live music from The Mangledwurzels, The Capricorn Country Band, Jazzmagic, Bagshot Concert Band and Harbour Pipes and Drums.

Review - it was very wet (but not as wet as Camelford or Totnes!)

Venue Info

Froyle Park Showground, Alton, Hampshire GU34 4LB

  • tel: 01243 430806

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Seth Pitt in a pile of dung at Wellow Trekking Centre

Hedge and Seth alongside a cob at the Wellow Trekking Centre

The Mangledwurzels with cider maker Bryan Mead at Valley View Farm, Batcombe.

Seth Pitt astride a cow-hide clad motorbike outside the Cat & Wheel in Bristol


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